Building any type of business takes time, effort and energy. As a business model, network marketing offers unique and attractive benefits, especially in these times where the Internet has changed the world as we used to know it. There has never been a better time to start a network marketing business than right now. There has never been a better and easier time for connecting with people.

What is the best strategy to start? How do I create a solid network from scratch? These are a couple of common questions that many marketers ask themselves when they are venturing into network marketing for the first time. Like with most things in life, network marketing requires some basic knowledge and expertise to succeed. The following are 5 tips that the experts apply to build strong networks and create profitable and sustained revenue streams.

1. Network in the right markets.

Since time, effort and energy are limited resources, being selective and concentrating on true prospective customers or business builders is a key factor for success. The most natural place to start, suggested by many marketers, is by creating a list of friends, family, and acquaintances. However, is highly unlikely that the majority of these people become a referral source for you. In most cases, friends and family will only join your network after seeing you obtain some success.

Creating that initial list can be very useful to identify your target market. Be aware that not everyone in it is a potential customer or recruit, nonetheless, stay alert and think if you know someone that can allow you to expand your area of action and reach other people, specifically people that would be interested in what you have to offer.

2. All networks need maintenance.

A strong network requires work and dedication. Take time to nurture all the relationships you establish in your network. Do not focus only on your recruits or prospects, but also dedicate some attention to your customers. Never forget that a customer that loves the product can often be converted easily into a new business builder.

3. Be more than just a simple recruiter.

Bringing new people into the business and profiting from their success is often one of the best ways to achieve long-lasting benefits in networking marketing. Nonetheless, avoid bringing people just to see them leave because they lacked the guidance of a leader and a trainer. Take some time to help all your recruits learn how to succeed, answer their questions, and be there for them, that way your success will likely follow.

4. Tailor your pitch, individualize the solution.

Even when it is useful to have a general script to help you sell the product or service, selling is about offering solutions to what a customer needs. Be sure to establish real conversations with customers and let them tell you about the specific solutions you can bring for them. Try to touch your customer’s emotion and create bonds between them and what you are selling and you will find yourself closing sales regularly.

5. Success is an attitude.

The product or service you are selling is seldom unique, in a sense that there are numerous other people selling the same stuff. That means your customer has a choice and you need to do something that brings authenticity into the relationship. That is where your attitude plays an important role. You need to believe in what you are promoting, believe in yourself and the impact that your product or service can have on your customers live. You need to offer greater value, you need to stand out.